For Authors

Congratulations on publishing your book!

As a small store, we must be very selective about what we choose to carry on the shelves. If you would like us to consider stocking your book, please follow the procedure below. (Updated July 2022)

  1. Stop by or check out website and get to know our store before sending an email to telling us about your book, why it is of interest to our readers, and provide links to professional reviews. If you are local or have a connection to the community, please tell us that, too.
  2. Please include a cover image, and interior images if applicable. You may attach a digital ARC in pdf or ePub format. We may ask to borrow a physical review copy if needed. Unsolicited books received by the store will become property of Scrawl and may be sold, donated, or discarded.
  3. If your book is selected we will order copies through normal book disribution chanels. We will contact you only if we can't get it through our normal work processes.
  4. If you're interested in setting up an event with us, please email with proposed dates, expected attendance, and contact information for the school or venue.


  1. Books are selected based on quality, local interests and shelf space.
  2. Books submitted must be of professional quality in both text and illustration. They must be perfect-bound with the title on the spine
  3. We do accept small-house and independently published books for consideration. Please make sure your book is available at regular discount and returnable through Ingram. Please understand that lesser discounts do not cover the bookstore's cost of stocking a book.
  4. Please understand the limits on our time, and that we cannot review books or provide feedback on a walk-in basis.
  5. We are happy to help promote books we love, please help us by promoting our store on your website and social media. We can retweet and share posts that link to your website, our store, or IndieBound.
  6. All books in our store or available through Ingram are listed on our website, and we offer an online affilliate program when you link to us from your site.
  7. For more tips on working with independent bookstores, read this article from the ABA.

We look forward to working with you!