Newt: A Cookbook for All (Hardcover)

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Newt's relatable charm and uproarious cooking videos have taken the internet by storm and now, he invites you to step into his world, where cooking is an adventure. His debut cookbook is for everyone, with more than 75 beginner friendly, hugely satisfying recipes.

Best known for putting out hilarious cooking videos of bussin recipes to his more than 15 million followers online, Newt actually comes from very humble beginnings. His journey, from his tiny mobile-home kitchen, equipped with just a plug-in toaster oven and gas burner, to becoming a major TikTok sensation, is a testament to his unwavering belief: everyone, regardless of kitchen size, budget, or culinary experience, cook a mouthwatering masterpiece. 

If you're not already following Newt, you're missing out—but you can catch up with his cookbook of more than 75 flavor-packed recipes. You’ll find not some of Newt’s favorites and greatest and most viral hits, all shared with Newt’s signature humor and constant encouragement: 

  • Opening Acts: Starters and sides, like Bang-Bang Shrimp, Cheesy Garlic Bread
  • Fine, I’ll Eat My Vegetables: For the nutrition, like Chili Oil Broccolini
  • Fried Chimken: A chapter dedicated to Newt’s first love, fried chicken.
  • Put Down the Chopsticks: Foods you can eat without any utensils, like Spam Musubi or Quesabirria Tacos
  • Me Hangry: Quick yet filling meals, like Chicken Adobo and Beef Udon 
  • Kiss the Chef: Rizzed up date-worthy fare, including Red Wine Braised Shortribs 
  • Missing Home: Vietnamese dishes Newt grew up eating, like Pho and Braised Fish (Ca Kho To).
  • Room for Dessert: “Not too sweet” ends to the meal, like Vietnamese Coffee Tiramisu 
  • Justice for the Support: Basic kitchen staples no one should go without, like Garlic Confit and Orange Salsa (Very Spicy)

As Newt instructs, instead of relying on cup ramen to survive, take his hand. Walk through these recipes with him and learn how to cook.

About the Author

Newt Nguyen is a twenty-four-year-old content creator, born and raised in the Bay Area. He’s a self-taught chef who initially started learning by making meal prep for his sister, but eventually became an overnight sensation through his cooking videos. His approach to videos highlights both the highs and lows of what it’s like learning how to cook for the first time. Through his transparent videos, he’s gained over a combined 15 million followers across his social media platforms.

Praise For…

“Instead of relying on cup ramen to survive, take my hand,” writes 25 year-old TikTok phenom Newt Nguyen. Paging through, you get the sense that Nguyen believes in you—and believes it’ll absolutely be worth it to make any of his six fried chicken recipes. Alongside tacos, salmon crispy rice, and a Chicken Parm engineered for maximum cheesepull, Nguyen shares recipes for the Vietnamese food that soothes his homesickness, and a collection of quick noodle and stir-fry dishes that really won’t take much more time on a weeknight than that instant ramen would. — Epicurious

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ISBN: 9780063304772
ISBN-10: 0063304775
Publisher: Harvest
Publication Date: April 23rd, 2024
Pages: 224
Language: English