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Gorgeous and devastating, P. H. Low’s debut fantasy is a richly reimagined tale of Captain Hook’s origin, a story of cruelty, magic, lost innocence, and the indelible power of stories.

Jordan was once a Lost Boy, convinced she would never grow up. Now, she’s twenty-two and exiled to the real world, still suffering withdrawal from the addictive magic Dust of her childhood. With nothing left to lose, Jordan returns to the Island and its stories—of pirates and war and the heartlessness of youth—intent on facing Peter one last time, on her own terms.

If that makes her the villain…so be it.

About the Author

P. H. Low is a Locus- and Rhysling-nominated Malaysian American writer and poet with work published in Strange Horizons, Fantasy Magazine,, and Diabolical Plots, among others. They have a bad habit of moving cities every few years, but can be found online at 

Praise For…

"In intoxicating, phantasmagorical prose, These Deathless Shores gives us the existential horror of childhoods shadowed by the future betrayal of the body by itself. Fear and denial, heartlessness and cruelty—but also love, and self-determination—combine perfectly in this unremittingly powerful, bleeding gut wound of a book."—Shelley Parker-Chan, bestselling author of the Radiant Emperor series

"These Deathless Shores is an extraordinary debut—P. H. Low's soaring, lyrical prose pulls you down into a glittering, terrifying world full of propulsive action and complex characters that seem to leap from the pages. You think you know how this story goes... you don't. I loved every breathtaking, heartstopping moment." —Sarah Underwood, New York Times bestselling author of Lies We Sing to the Sea

"Gorgeous and unforgiving, These Deathless Shores is the Captain Hook origin story I never knew I needed. Come for the lush expansiveness of the world, stay for the incisive examination of gender, colonialism, and ambition. This book will sink its teeth into you and not let go."—Grace D. Li, New York Times bestselling author of Portrait of a Thief

“These Deathless Shores is a gritty, sensual, full-body reading experience that laces horror with tenderness and tenderness with ferocity. It takes the wonder and violence of the original Peter Pan and, magic Dust-like, spins something completely new. An intense, wild ride.”—Emma Törzs, author of Ink Blood Sister Scribe

"It takes a careful hand to balance both the brutality and the gentleness that is in These Deathless Shores but Low's impeccably sharp prose manages the perfect potent mix. Read this, and never see Peter Pan the same way again."—Em X. Liu, author of The Death I Gave Him

"These Deathless Shores is Peter Pan as never seen before: a raw look at the consequences of never growing up and being unable to sever the tethers to the past. Low's lush, rich prose stuns, all while crushing you in an emotional mangle. This book is feral, terrifying, sharper than a sudden bloom of pain, real as the knot in your gut."—Mia Tsai, author of Bitter Medicine

“A fast-paced, action-packed, refreshing, unexpected, unique take on a well-known and loved fairy tale. Through broken, struggling, flawed yet courageous characters, Low illuminates gender roles and calls into question what marks the end of childhood and what marks adulthood. These Deathless Shores is emotionally daunting and weighted and shows us the power of belief and imagination even in the bleakness of reality, pain, and death.” —Ai Jiang, Nebula and Locus finalist and author of Linghun and I am Ai

"These Deathless Shores accomplishes the perfect fantasy hat-trick: an electrifying plot, characterization as deep and expansive as the ocean, and captivating world-building—and all while wrapped in prose that rings with the skillful tongue of a poet. This phenomenally original, emotionally devastating tale about the violence of growing up in a deeply unfair world manages to keep the reader on their toes to its breathless and satisfying end and is sure to appeal to fans of This is How You Lose the Time War." —Maria Dong, author of Liar, Dreamer, Thief and Psychopomp

"A poetic and deliriously stunning tale of loss, love, addiction and belonging, wrapped up in a Neverland you’ve never seen before. Dark and twisted and beautiful. I can’t stop thinking about it.”—Dan Hanks, author of Swashbucklers

Lyrical and introspective, These Deathless Shores is the inclusive Pan spinoff I've been waiting for. A thoughtful and heart-wrenching meditation on childhood, self-understanding, love, and illusions of choice—P. H. Low's island is a Neverland worth flying to. I loved it.—Naseem Jamnia, Locus and World Fantasy Award nominated author of The Bruising of Qilwa

“These Deathless Shores is a snappy, absorbing retelling of Peter Pan. Gleaming prose illuminates a gritty world which intersperses harsh reality with moments of tenderness.”—Neon Yang, author of The Genesis of Misery

"A hypnotic, blood-and-guts tale about facing childhood traumas, These Deathless Shores transports the reader to a place of magic and nightmare. Low's razor-sharp prose and aching characters will make you laugh, yearn, and weep. Utterly intoxicating."
 —Grace Chan, author of Every Version of You

"I was utterly spellbound by this dark and glittering take on Captain Hook’s origin, and the character’s infamous rivalry with Peter Pan."—Hannah Fergesen, author of The Infinite Miles
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