Making Change: Teaching Artists and Their Role in Shaping a Better World (Paperback)

Making Change: Teaching Artists and Their Role in Shaping a Better World By Eric Booth Cover Image
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Teaching Artists work directly in every kind of community (e.g. schools, hospitals, neighborhoods, companies), using their distinctive skills to create change at the individual and community level. Teaching Artistry is the sleeping giant of social change, and Making Change shows us why.

What is a teaching artist? If you don't know-or if you do and would like an advocacy tool to help you spread the word-this book is for you.

Written by the man frequently described as "the father of the teaching artist profession," Making Change shines a light on this powerful global workforce that is largely invisible but astoundingly effective.

Learn how Teaching Artists can activate anyone's innate artistry to achieve a wide variety of positive goals. Enjoy stories about the surprising impact of their partnerships in health, government, education, corporations, environmentalism, social justice, and peacebuilding.

This inspiring book will leave readers - both inside and outside of the arts - with an awareness of new possibilities for shaping a better world.

"Teaching artists amplify the power of the arts-and no one better than Eric Booth to share these stories."

Clive Gillinson - Executive and Artistic Director, Carnegie Hall

"Making Change is absolutely riveting

Sangeeta Isvarin - Founder, Wind Dancers Trust; Co-Founder, Katradi Method: Arts for Conflict Resolution, India

"a profoundly useful and provocative book - stories from the exuberant front lines of teaching artistry."

Jamie Bernstein - Author, "Famous Father Girl"; Filmmaker, "Crescendo: The Power of Music"

"Every parent, leader, teacher, and therapist would benefit from the clarity of the insights and practical know-how contained in this succinct but powerful manifesto."

John Zweig - Chairman, Neuro-Insight; Director, Foundation for Art and Healing

"Eric Booth expands our sense of what's possible for a beacon for a brighter, creatively rich future."

Stu Warshawer - CEO, ArtistYear

" artists can be healers, educators, and advocate-- new solutions to making the world a better place."

Carla Dirlikov Canales - 2022-23 Fellow, Harvard Kennedy School Center for Public Leadership Social Innovation + Change Initiative

"An incredibly useful resource for organzations around the world.

Elizabeth Njoroge -Founder of The Art of Music Foundation, Kenya

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ISBN: 9780578482798
ISBN-10: 0578482797
Publisher: Betteryet Press
Publication Date: May 12th, 2023
Pages: 114
Language: English