A Nice Wild Fairy Ride (Paperback)

A Nice Wild Fairy Ride By Joslin Fitzgerald, Mary Joslin Cover Image
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Have you ever wondered how to keep your Kids on Santa's nice list all year long? Well I think you will agree with me that is a very good question that needs exploring. Because during the Holidays we all have many ideas about that, as we try to make sure our kids stay nice, kind, and polite, while they laugh out loud and don't fuss or pout. And having tons of fun things planned every family has their own ideas on how to accomplish that. But after Santa Claus leaves town, and there is nothing but broken presents, empty trees, and empty dreams lying around with all of the kids on a sugar high there is nothing left to remind the kids to be nice kind and polite all of the time That's why with the kids not remembering what's wrong or right day to night until Santa Claus comes back around nothing will be delightful. And that's why all kids need to know how the Naughty and Nice list really goes back to the North Pole Because knowing how the Naughty and Nice list is really made Sherry and Perry Fairy are here to save the day That means just by reading this story, with daily, weekly, and monthly encouragement, while you ask your kids what they want written on the Naughty or Nice list... they will now be reminded to be nice, kind, and polite Every day

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ISBN: 9780692056622
ISBN-10: 0692056629
Publisher: Circles Legacy Publishing, LLC
Publication Date: January 10th, 2018
Pages: 44
Language: English