A Tiny Fart Diary (Diary)

A Tiny Fart Diary By Brass Monkey, Galison Cover Image
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FART DIARY - And by tiny…we mean really tiny. These 2.75” by 3.75” journals will help you remember the important moments of your life–you know, like those notable farts. That’s right. Finally. The Tiny Fart Diary is here. Every page will include space to date, rate, and evaluate your latest fart. Think of all of the memories your grandchild will share as they flip through this window to your gastrointestinal history.

VINTAGE INSPIRED - Features a perfect bound foil stamped felt cover with gold edged paper cover and 112 pages, each one designed to note your best or worst gastrointestinal experience. With space for the date, location, summary of the experience, this fart diary will ensure your gassy stories will live on, possibly at the Smithsonian one day, depends on how gassy.

GIFT IT UP - The Tiny Fart Diary by Brass Monkey makes a great gift because it provides a fun and memorable way for people to record their most interesting or boring(we don't judge!) farts. You could also use the diary to promote healthier eating habits or you could just use it to memorialize the time you trusted a fart way more than it deserved.

Brass Monkey - We’re the line between roadside souvenirs and fine china. Here to turn the things that people didn't know they wanted, into the things that they can't live without. Well designed products that just happen to have a sense of humor.

About the Author

Brass Monkey Vintage-inspired Smartassery Created by Mike Sayre and Melanie Bridges way back in 2020, Brass Monkey was founded on the idea that there's a world between fine china and bobblehead dolls. That products can have personality, without becoming roadside souvenirs. So that's where you'll find them...making beautiful, well-designed items that just happen to have a sense of humor. Who said that art school and open-mic nights were such a waste of time? We're looking at you, dad.
Product Details
ISBN: 9780735381087
ISBN-10: 0735381089
Publisher: Brass Monkey
Publication Date: January 16th, 2024
Pages: 112
Language: English