The Ultimate RPG Gameplay Guide: Role-Play the Best Campaign Ever—No Matter the Game! (Ultimate Role Playing Game Series) (Paperback)

The Ultimate RPG Gameplay Guide: Role-Play the Best Campaign Ever—No Matter the Game! (Ultimate Role Playing Game Series) By James D’Amato Cover Image
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Improve your RPG campaign with this comprehensive and interactive guide to making the most out of your gaming experience.

Whatever RPG game you play, from D&D to Call of Cthulu to licensed games like Star Wars, every detail is important. From setting the scene to choosing the right music or even adjusting the lighting to create the right atmosphere, every choice helps maximize your gaming experience.

The Ultimate RPG Gameplay Guide provides practical advice for everything from pre-game preparations and in-game improvisation to working out a plan of attack with your teammates to learning how to lean into the setting of your game. Including instructions, prompts, and activities, it offers everything you need for successful, fun role-playing with your friends every time you play.

Create hours of narrative and make the most out of your storytelling skills by setting the perfect scene for your adventure. Whether you need advice on your character or working better with your gaming group, James D’Amato includes everything you’ll need to take your game to the next level.

About the Author

James D’Amato is the author of The Ultimate RPG Series, cofounder of the One Shot Podcast Network, and host of the One Shot and Campaign: Skyjacks podcasts. He trained at Second City and iO in Chicago in the art of improvisational comedy: he now uses that education to introduce new people to role-playing, and incorporates improvisational storytelling techniques to create compelling and entertaining stories for RPG campaigns and one-shot adventures.

Praise For…

“James D’Amato is one of those rare storytellers who can not only make those delightful and unexpected choices that make the table laugh or their eyes go wide, but he has that second, rarer gift. When doing it, he can build upon what’s already been established, weaving a little more and passing the tapestry to someone else to be inspired from.”

—Alan Linic, writer for Saturday Night Live and cohost of the tl;dm podcast

 “Look, I’m gonna level with you: James D’Amato is doing the coolest, most exciting, and original work in tabletop game design right now and provides a truly vast assortment of tools and techniques for you to immediately and profoundly improve the narrative experience of your game. If I were you, I’d be getting this book in my hands as fast as possible!”

—Brennan Lee Mulligan, host of CollegeHumor’s Dimension 20 D&D RPG show

“I’ve been role-playing for thirty-five years and I’m still learning how to make our sessions more fun and more emotionally resonant by listening to the great One Shot podcast. James has put together a great collection of ideas that’ll appeal to a wide range of players, from newbies to old hands.”

—John Rogers, writer and showrunner for Leverage, The Librarians, and Jackie Chan Adventures

“This is a book you’ll get hours of helpful enjoyment out of… a required resource.”

—Outright Geekery

“Buy this book and use it to make your gameplay more entertaining for all audience members.”

Game Vortex

“Incredibly useful.”

Game Industry

“A great tool.”

The Gaming Buddha

“A joy to read.”

Game Industry


“A good primer on the ins-and-outs of playing an RPG.”

Product Details
ISBN: 9781507210932
ISBN-10: 1507210930
Publisher: Adams Media
Publication Date: October 8th, 2019
Pages: 256
Language: English
Series: Ultimate Role Playing Game Series