Greyhound Handicapping Series Books 4-6: Sixty Short Articles, Nine Mini-Systems and Links to Handicapping Resources (Paperback)

Greyhound Handicapping Series Books 4-6: Sixty Short Articles, Nine Mini-Systems and Links to Handicapping Resources Cover Image
By Eb Netr
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Tips, tricks, angles and opinion on many aspects of greyhound handicapping from Books 4-6 of Eb's Greyhound Handicapping Series combined in one volume. Nine mini-systems and links to greyhound handicapping resources round out this 3 in 1 volume. Book 4: We start with how to handicap 7 dog races and handicapping with pace. Then it's class, what it is and how to find it. False favorites, breakers in route races and an easy and quick way to evaluate speed. Spot plays, of course, a handicapper's best friend and a couple of takes on tips. Book 5: Do you know the difference between dogs that run outside and dogs that run wide? Do you know how to find longshots that win or the little things that pay off big at the track? Ever wonder how to stiff a greyhound? Eb can tell you how. You might rather want to find some puppies that pay off though or learn how to find value in a race instead. Take the $20 challenge and see if it improves your handicapping and your bottom line. There's a good mix of subjects, all designed to help you handicap better at the greyhound track. Tips, tricks, insight and opinions are what you'll find in this 5th book in the Greyhound Handicapping Series. Book 6: The last book in the Greyhound Handicapping Series starts on the First Turn, talks about weather and stats and revisits the subject of false favorites. What to do when the program is lousy but you still want to play the races is up for discussion and also what to do on your day off from playing the races. Place bets as opposed to win bets, winning with quitters, the important thing to look for a the break and the best way to play what you pick are covered too. There's even a tip from a harness horse to help you win more at the dog track. If you play the dogs, don't miss the final volume in Eb's 6 book greyhound handicapping series.

About the Author

Eb Netr is my pen name. I went to the dog track for the first time in the late seventies and fell in love with greyhounds and greyhound racing. Since then, I've been to most of the tracks in the US. have published a newsletter, and worked on developing handicapping systems to help other handicappers pick more winners and make more money. While I believe that almost anyone can pick winners at the track by investing time and effort, I think most people go to the track for entertainment, not to get rich. Of course, entertainment is more fun when we can pick some winners and go away with a little more than we arrived at the track with. This is why I wrote this book. My book and my reasonably priced handicapping systems are an attempt to make profitable greyhound handicapping affordable for everyone. Greyhound and harness racing have brought me a lot of enjoyment over the years. My advice to anyone who likes to play the dogs or the horses is simple. Don't let it take over your life or make you neglect the people in your life. Don't spend more than you can comfortably afford to lose. Most of all, enjoy it and give something back to the dogs and horses. Maybe even adopt a retired greyhound or a standardbred if you have the room, money and love for them.
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