Eureka!: Mindblowing science every day of the year (Hardcover)

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Introduced by Jim Al-Khalili

Could you surf down an erupting volcano?

Why do zebras have stripes?

Are you breathing the same air as Leonardo da Vinci?

Are there any green mammals?

Why do pineapples have spikes?

Why do songs get stuck in your head?

What happens when black holes collide?

Can you extract your DNA?

New Scientist has been a treasure trove of fascinating and surprising questions and answers for over a decade. From how to measure the speed of light using chocolate, to why dogs howl at sirens,Eureka! brings together 365 mindblowing questions, fascinating facts and exciting experiments.

If you've ever wondered how to escape quicksand, what would happen if the moon vanished, and why cats (nearly) always land on their feet, you've come to the right place.

About the Author

Since 1956,New Scientist has established a world-beating reputation for exploring and uncovering the latest developments and discoveries in science and technology, placing them in context and exploring what they mean for the future. Each week through a variety of different channels, including print, online, social media and more,New Scientist reaches over 5 million highly engaged readers around the world.

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Publisher: Nicholas Brealey
Publication Date: September 13th, 2022
Pages: 416
Language: English