Chess Strategy for Beginners: Winning Maneuvers to Master the Game (Paperback)

Chess Strategy for Beginners: Winning Maneuvers to Master the Game By Jessica Era Martin Cover Image
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Learn how to think three moves ahead

Chess is a complex and challenging game—but that's what makes it so much fun. And this chess book for beginners doesn't just teach you the rules. From the Queen's Gambit to the Scholar's Mate, you'll learn how to execute the most effective strategies and become a worthy chess opponent.

What sets this book apart from other chess strategy books:

  • A beginner's guide—Jump right into the game even if you've never played before, with an overview of the board setup, the game mechanics, and the role of each piece.
  • Winning techniques—Examine 30 gameplay tactics, complete with illustrations, that will help you plan your attack and play your way toward checkmate.
  • Practice games—Try sample chess scenarios that challenge you to come up with the next move and sharpen your skills even further.

Make your opening move with Chess Strategy for Beginners.

About the Author

JESSICA ERA MARTIN has been a chess instructor for 20 years. She has coached teams in three states at the state and national championship levels. She’s the former Scholastic Vice President of the North Carolina Chess Association and the founder of Over the Chessboard, an organization dedicated to promoting chess for everyone. She’s the author of My First Chess Book, reprinted in 2021 as Learn to Play Chess, and How to Play Chess for Kids.

Praise For…

"Clear, concise, and relevant. Martin does a great job presenting the basics of required strategic chess knowledge for a beginning chess player's understanding." —Daniel Rensch, chief chess officer,

"Jessica has written one of the best all-in-one chess books, with everything from the basics to intermediate-level techniques. If you prefer a 10-volume set that will teach you the same thing, go nuts, but Chess Strategy for Beginners is all you need on your shelf. She's added in her 20 years of chess teaching witticisms, colorful diagrams, test-yourself exercises, and just the right amount of girl power." —FM Mike Klein, "FunMasterMike", chief chess officer,

"Jessica Martin has done it again! This is a beautifully produced book that is well written and designed, and will be of great joy to any beginner or intermediate player. The examples illustrate excellent strategic and tactical themes while also showing the diversity of the game's greatest practitioners. So many of my favorite players are highlighted, from the first African-American Grandmaster in history, Maurice Ashley, to reigning US Women's Champion, Carissa Yip, to one of the top player's in the world, Filipino-born American, Wesley So. This book will be sure to educate AND inspire you simultaneously." —Jennifer Shahade, two-time US Women's Champion and author of CHESS QUEENS

"I was impressed with Chess Strategy for Beginners. It has good, clear diagrams and gives an introduction to many key strategic chess concepts. I think that kids 9 years old and over and adults who are new to chess could benefit from this book. I especially like the quiz feature at the end, which tests your knowledge of many of the concepts that have been introduced." —Ben Johnson, host of the Perpetual Chess Podcast
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Publication Date: May 24th, 2022
Pages: 154
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