EDENS ZERO 21 (Paperback)

EDENS ZERO 21 By Hiro Mashima Cover Image


It's here! The creator of Fairy Tail, manga superstar Hiro Mashima, is back with a high-flying space adventure! All the steadfast friendship, crazy fighting, and blue cats you've come to expect... IN SPACE!


Holy, one of the Interstellar Union Army’s most elite agents, approaches Shiki and his crew with a bold offer of cooperation. In order to defeat Ziggy, the Edens crew needs all the help they can get, but Holy’s offer seems too good to be true. Shiki and Elsie are two of the Interstellar Union Army’s most wanted. Can they really trust Holy, a woman whose sole mission should be to capture or kill them?!

About the Author

One of the world's bestselling and most prolific comics artists, Hiro Mashima is the creator of the 63-volume magical epic Fairy Tail as well as its prequel Fairy Tail Zero, fantasy series Rave Master, the game spinoff Monster Hunter Orage, and a variety of other manga series and short stories.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781646516902
ISBN-10: 1646516907
Publisher: Kodansha Comics
Publication Date: February 28th, 2023
Pages: 192
Language: English
Series: Edens Zero