Ancient and Epic Tales: From Around the World (Hardcover)

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An award-winning collection of ancient tales and adventure.Heather Forest's artful prose and keen curatorial selection brings an array of ancient tales of adventure, quests, and heroics to life for modern readers. This multicultural anthology presents pivotal episodes from epic tales such as Gilgamesh, Beowulf, the Odyssey, the Ramayana, and more. The collection illuminates large-scale narratives that were passed on and preserved through the oral tradition long before being captured in written form by early scribes. With the publication of Ancient and Epic Tales, Heather completes her long awaited trilogy of Tales From Around the World including Wonder Tales and Wisdom Tales. These epic narratives remain relevant today as they provide insights into the complexity of human relationships and the intimate, personal journey of anyone seeking to understand the meaning of life. This collection of timeless stories includes Norse legends, Greek myths, Japanese folktales, Persian stories, Irish Ballads and Chinese lore. Offering a global overview, this anthology of concise retellings also provides endnotes with cultural and historical background to inspire readers' further inquiry into these enduring tales.

About the Author

Heather Forest is an award-winning author of folktale anthologies and picture books including the best selling, Stone Soup. Heather combines her unique blend of elegance and wit with along with a poet's touch to bring classic stories to life from the world's folklore tradition. She is also a popular performer and she has been featured at festivals, theaters and conferences internationally. When Heather originally begins working on a story, like the bards from the oral tradition, she likes to sing the story until the rhythm, tone and words work together in harmony to capture the exact feeling she is looking to create. Heather lives on a working organic farm with her husband just outside of Huntington, New York on Long Island.
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ISBN: 9781941460351
ISBN-10: 1941460356
Publisher: August House Publishers
Publication Date: February 7th, 2016
Pages: 175
Language: English