Team Zed (Infinity the Game) (Paperback)

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Peace in the Human Sphere balances on a monomolecular knife’s edge in this novel based on the game, "Infinity"

Peace in the Human Sphere balances on a monomolecular knife’s edge. A sudden, brutal flurry of financial and datasphere attacks from within the Nomad Nations has nearly brought the State Empire of Yu Jing to its knees. Survival and honor demand immediate retaliation that will tear the delicate fabric of the peace asunder. Agents of the inscrutable AI ALEPH rush to discover the identity and motives of the attacker, but the tangled labyrinth of Nomad society confounds them at every turn. only the best men and women of the Nations can untie this bloody knot. Unfortunately, they’re busy. A tired, dirty little band of petty criminals is all that stands between the Motherships and disaster. But when a grave threat to the Human Sphere itself is revealed, maybe, just maybe, they will get their act together to save it all.

About the Author

Craig is from Bedford New Hampshire where he does his best to warp space and time to fit far more activity into each day than anyone, including his wife, thinks would be advisable. During the day Craig teaches Theatre and Literature courses to the intrepid students of Milford High School. After hours Craig actively pursues kickboxing and mixed martial arts, and is one of the two hosts of the wildly mediocre and not-too-horrible general gaming podcast The D6 Generation. He is husband to a remarkably supportive wife and father to clearly the smartest, cutest, and most promising three year old on the planet (an entirely objective assessment). Craig plays games whenever he can find the time and the opponents, ranging from his recent favorite, a classic South American dice game called Perudo, to whatever the local tabletop war-game flavor of the month happens to be. And in all the voluminous free-time this schedule allows, Craig writes.

Always an avid reader and a writer for his own pleasure, recently Craig has been able to parlay that dream into a stunningly-exciting reality. For two years now Craig has written articles, rules, short stories, and background fiction for companies such as Spartan Games and Fantasy Flight Games. Craig has written several books for Zmok Books including tie ins for WIld West Exodus, Antares and several stand alone books.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781950423552
ISBN-10: 1950423557
Publisher: Zmok Books
Publication Date: February 7th, 2023
Pages: 320
Language: English
Series: Infinity the Game