Coates Elementary School Book Fair

Welcome to the Coates Elementary Book Fair! 

We're excited to host this book fair for your school.  You'll find links to curated shopping lists here to help you identify and locate books recommended for different age groups, preferences and reading levels.  We encourage you to shop the lists, and check out the rest of our website.  Your school will receive credit for ALL purchases made from Scrawl Books during your Book Fair using coupon code COATESELEM. 

A few notes: 

*The checkout procedure is outlined below. If you have any questions, please email or call the store at 703-966-2111. 

*To save on space, the shopping lists below only include one or two volumes from a series (e.g. Dogman, Wings of Fire, etc.). Please note that all of the volumes are available for order and look for them on our site. 

*Some teachers have created Wishlists for their classrooms.  If your child's teacher has created a list and you would like to shop from it to buy a book for that classroom, you will find the link below.  We will deliver books from Wishlists to the appropriate classroom and note the family who purchased it. 

Happy Shopping! 


Checkout as you normally would, but please note the following:

1. Use COUPON CODE: In order for Coates to receive credit for your purchase, you must use COATESELEM.   

2. SHIPPING METHOD: Choose Coates Elementary Book Fair.

3. ORDER COMMENTS: Note the name of the student and grade where books will be delivered. If your books are presents and you want them held in the library for pickup please make a note of that. Families with multiple children are asked to choose one classroom for order delivery OR place separate orders for each child.


All books purchased through the Coates Elementary School Book Fair will be delivered to the classroom specified in the order comments, 1-2 weeks after the Book Fair ends.

Teacher Wishlists:

Ms. Connole's Kindergarten Wishlist

Mrs. Gazulis'  Kindergarten Wishlist

German Vargas Kindergarten Wishlist

Ms. Werner's Kindergarten Wishlist

Ms. Klak's First Grade WIshlist

Mrs. Merrill's First Grade Wishlist

Ms. Yim's First Grade Wishlist

Mrs. Forte's Third Grade Wish List

Ms. Ceglie's Fourth Grade Wishlist

Mrs. Adams' Wishlist