Staff Recommendations


We think Stephen has read most of the books in the store. He offers the best recommendations and can easily discuss any genre. 


Rory is a discerning middle grade reader who has met countless children's and kids' authors and loves a good book.


Rachel is our fearless store owner; a children's librarian; and chooses the books for our shelves. 


Molly loves working at Scrawl, good mascara and yoga. She spends time reviewing advance copies of new books.


Mika has worked at Scrawl since it was just a little pop-up by the Metro.  She's fashionable, well-read, and digs diverse fiction and poetry. 


Micah is a high-school student.


Madi is a junior at Lake Braddock Secondary School and a Scrawl Books intern. Madi likes to write, watch 2000's Disney Channel sitcoms, and enjoys Marvel movies/shows in her free time. (WandaVision is her favorite!!) Her favorite genres are romance, young adult thrillers, classics, and fantasy. She loves to update her Goodreads account frequently, and countdown the days until Spiderman: No Way Home.


LJ is a junior at South Lakes High School and a Scrawl Books Intern. They like reading sci fi, YA, and graphic novels. They play the bass guitar, watch cartoons, and spend time around DC in their spare time.


Kiran is an aspiring library science student when they're not knitting or playing tabletop roleplay games. They specialize in kidlit, sci-fi, and graphic novels.


Jocelyn is a junior at Herndon High School and a Scrawl Books Intern. She loves to read anything magical or thought-provoking. She also enjoys manga and graphic novels!


Grace is a junior at Thomas Jefferson High School who loves to read and write. Her favorite genres are fantasy and historical fiction, and she's a fan of angsty stories (though the tears streaming down her face might make you think otherwise).


Emma won a bookseller's award; reads sci-fi and fantasy, and loves numbers.


Dora is a politically active college student majoring in Spanish, grew up listening to novels for bedtime stories, and picks great titles.


Chloe is a business student at the University of Richmond, and a talented artist. She makes all of the beautiful hand-drawn signs on our shelves.